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Document automation
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We are a team of Legal Engineers, with legal and technology backgrounds. We help law firms and inhouse legal teams to improve their service delivery using market leading legal technology.

decide which software to use & prepare the business case
plan the pipeline & train resource
scale up quickly to achieve maximum return on investment
do all the automation for firms as your outsourced team

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What our clients say...

"Catherine is a leading expert in her field that brings a powerful combination of legal knowledge, technology expertise and an adept ability to engage people. She is great to work with, bringing creativity and ideas that are at the forefront of change in the legal sector. Having recently completed a project together, Catherine really delivered beyond the brief and I wouldn't have any hesitation to recommend her work to others." Jonathan Patterson – Development Director


"My team worked with the BamLegal team to automate a full suite of real estate transaction documents. The BamLegal team was easy to work with, reliable and great value for money. They know their stuff and delivered on time and on budget. I loved the fact that there was no “only two reviews of this document” requirement in our contract. You never really know how much time it will take when doing an automation for the first time and Catherine’s experienced team turned our first automation job into a breeze. We learnt a lot from dealing with the team and would recommend their services." Sean Massingham – Head of Knowledge Management at Anjarwalla & Khanna


"Catherine delivers. She persuades and influences through her results, and she works hard and creatively to achieve them. She grasps the detail, but never forgets the bigger picture - and will often tell you what that picture should look like." David Halliwell – Director of Knowledge, Risk and Legal Services

"Catherine adds value to document automation initiatives by knowing the technology, understanding how lawyers and PSLs want to work to create templates and aligning this to the business objectives of creating quality documents quickly and consistently." David Wood – Head of Business Projects

"Catherine makes document automation simple. Catherine's advice and expertise have enabled us to progress our automation project at a pace I hadn't thought possible. Catherine is a leader in her field." Alistair Maiden – Senior Commercial Lawyer

"Worked with Catherine on a complex engagement which included change adoption challenges through to design and implementation of governance models to working with clients, internal and external to deliver document automation solutions. Catherine is exceptionally knowledgeable in her field and credible with all levels in an organisation. Straight forward to work with, innovative in her thinking and delivers to a high standard. Looking forward to working with Catherine in the future." Richard Clark – (now leading berg)

"Catherine simplifies documentation automation. I was fortunate enough to work with Catherine where she delivered a series of training sessions. She was responsive to training content suggestions and kept the sessions interesting and interactive. The real value that Catherine adds is the ability to identify the simplest and most intuitive solution to any problem. She is a true subject matter expert and was able to offer meaningful best practices which can be implemented in day-to-day operations." Dale Carden – Manager at Thomson Reuters

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